An actual place and a philosophy -and blog

Lousy Creek is a small creek and also a philosophy. The name is a little bit of a word game with it's actual swedish name.

It flows near my home and there are none and thousands just like it. 

It's not by any means a great fishing water in terms of numbers, or size of the fish. But it's close to home -and that's great in itself. It, like every other part of nature, needs protection and care. 

Chances are that you who reads this also have a Lousy Creek near you, just like mine. Maybe hidden, forgotten, abused and in the need of your attention.

Go explore, go find, celebrate and care for the waters near you. 


Lousy Creek Tenkara is also a tenkara blog. Not a very good looking one. Just like the creek it's named after it won't win any beauty contests, but it's honest and independent. 



May the spotted ones be with you,

/Joakim Karlsson